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Personalised Support

We provide you with a bespoke sleep plan that is responsive to the specific needs of your child and family.

First, we’ll comprehensively assess your child’s sleep to understand why they may be having trouble sleeping. We use function-based assessment to look at a range of factors such as their sleep/wake schedule, sleep surroundings, and emotional and behavioural factors. 

Next, we’ll develop your personalised sleep plan. This may include a range of evidence-based recommendations, depending on your child’s individual needs, such as making changes to their sleep environment, sleep schedule, bedtime habits, or tailored ways of responding to night-time behaviour.

For older children and young people, we may also teach them strategies they can use to enhance their own sleep, like ways to manage worrying thoughts and relaxation techniques.

Our goal is to give you clear and evidence-based guidance so you can improve your child’s sleep at home.

The Evidence behind our Approach

Function-based assessment helps to identify the underlying reasons for sleep problems. This is important because every child is unique, so the reasons why your child is having trouble sleeping may be different from other children. A support plan that specifically targets the underlying reasons for sleep problems is more likely to be effective than strategies that are generically applied.

Many reliable studies from around the world have shown that the function-based approach is effective for autistic children, and that it promotes better outcomes for sleep in the long run, as well as being well-liked by parents of autistic children. 


Professional Workshops

We also offer professional development and workshops that can be tailored upon request.

Please enquire to find out more.