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Sleep Insight Process

Working with you

1 – Referral

You can make a self-referral, or a referral can come from a GP or other service provider.

You can make a referral using our referral form.

Please note there may be a short wait time for support.


2 – Initial Information

Prior to your assessment appointment, we may ask you to complete a sleep diary or questionnaires to aid our understanding of your child’s sleep patterns. 


3 – Assessment Appointment

This 1.5-hour session helps us to gain insight into the nature of your child’s sleep challenges and why they may be having trouble sleeping. 


4 – Personalised Planning Session

In this 50-minute session, we share our insights with you and discuss a tailored support plan to improve your child’s sleep. You will be provided with a written copy of your personalised plan. 


5 – Support Sessions

50-minute Zoom or in-person sessions, or 15-minute support phone calls, are available to discuss progress and provide further guidance as needed.

Most families require at least two support sessions.


Costs for assessments, planning, and support sessions are provided on enquiry. Assessment and support packages are also available.