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Jolene Hunter

Dr Jolene Hunter is a registered Child and Family Psychologist with longstanding expertise and training in children’s sleep. 

Jolene has provided specialist assessment and support to improve the sleep of children and families throughout New Zealand for nearly a decade.

Her PhD focussed on enhancing autistic children’s sleep and she has conducted research and authored publications on this topic.

She has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Psychology, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Science through the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.


Laurie McLay

Professor Laurie McLay is a leading sleep researcher at the University of Canterbury. She has many years experience supporting autistic children and their caregivers in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Laurie is the Principal Investigator for The Good Nights Programme. This programme focuses on investigating the effectiveness of psychosocial sleep supports for autistic children and adolescents, including the secondary benefits of improved sleep on parent and child wellbeing.

Laurie has worked to deliver sleep supports for autistic children and their caregivers for the past 12 years and has conducted extensive research in this area.